Friday, July 04, 2008

Excretion of all types

Here is a hoarding, like many others in the entire city of Ahmedabad, congratulating Gujarat CM for getting selcted as no.1 CM three times in a row in a survey.
Tough to digest is the flattery that accompanies the congratulatory lines. It is quoted from popular Hindi song and read :
Mandiron mein shankh baaje,
Mashidon mein ho ajaan,
Sheikh ke haram aur
din-e-barahman azad hai
Ab koi gulshan na ujade, Ab watan azad hai'

Meaning 'Sound of conch-shell in temples and ajaan (prayers) from Mosques, the Muslim and the Hindu are free from all religious restrictions... Because Watan (motherland) is Azad (free).

The question is : The motherland is free from whom? and how? Wasn't it already free before Mr. Modi's rule?
But as one know, flattery knows no rules or doesn't care for logic.
Sad thing about this hoarding : It's put by noted stage singee and voice of 'Mohd. Rafi' Bankim Pathak. There were several haordings in the city.
Best thing about this hoarding : It's location. Just near Sulabh Shauchalay - Pay & Use Public Toilet.
In case of Mr.Modi the CM, He has used (hatred) and Gujarat has paid!


  1. It looks like that you have daily habit to write negative things only!

  2. You too Urvishbhai ?
    I am no Narendra Modi Lover but I am not a hater too.He is far better than say Madhasinh Solanki (Postman), Keshubhai or Chimanbhai..That is for sure.This is my view I do not want to
    subscribe to it. You may have your own view but I would like neutral. Your ideas have more weight than mine.
    bharat pandya.