Thursday, August 07, 2008

Gandhi Horror show

No. This is not Gandhi's reaction to what transpired in Indian parliament during vote of confidence.
The statue seen here was installed at Dakor (my 'town-in-law')- a temple town famous for 'Ranchhodray temple' and delicious 'Gota'.
This is the worst bust of Gandhi I've ever seen. Generally it's Dr. Ambedkar, who is disfigured quite often by his followers overzeal and search for identity. Gandhi-statue is more a 'sarkari' affair. No dirth of money for his statue.
What happened to this statue at Dakor is not knwon, but there is a statue of 'Bhakta Bodana' few meters away, with similar pattern and eyes in particular. May be, in order to make Gandhi's eye 'God-like' or devine, this happened to him.
At last, eyes of Father of the nation are no longer Wide Shut. They are Wide Open scarringly.


  1. At many places on can see this type of 'horror shows'! It becomes worst when flying creatures 'decorate' these statues with their shit.

    We are not alone: Should look at wax statues of Indian celebrities at Madam Tussuad's museum. Bachchan, Shahrukh, Salman, Rajiv Gandhi, Aishwarya statues are equally bizarre at there,too!

  2. Urvish, This is absolutely honorable
    comment, specially Krisna Mohan na gaam Man Mohandas ni aavi vale?
    Sanman Ane apmaan na apana dhorano kyare sudharshe?
    Thank you
    Deepak doshi

  3. I would add to this:When I visited Telangana area of Andhra before 3-4 years, I found such horror/comedy shows almost in every villages.This included celebrities ranging from Shivaji,Vivekananda to NTR,Dr.Ambedkar,Indira Gandhi,Rajiv Gandhi and of course, Mahatma Gandhi.All the statues were made misproportionate,painted in a single color and sure to make u laugh.
    We can't live without murtipuja/murdaparasti etc.It's easier to put a statue of somebody than to follow his/her path.
    I won't be surprised if there will be statues of Mallika,Aishwarya, Bipasha,Abhishek or likes in future.

  4. WONDERFULL! Some Gunvant shah has written about Gandhi na Chasma. He should see this Gandhi's eyes at Dakor ? Isn't it ?