Monday, August 11, 2008

After Bomb-blast : Reinventing the Wheel

Bombs blasted from bicycles could not damage communal peace of Ahmedabad. Mostly because people didn't want riots. (should I add 'this time'?)
Here is an artwork by a close friend Pranav Adhyaru, who edits Gujarati weekly 'Abhiyaan' from Ahmedabad.
The copy reads : 'from violence to non-violence...Let peace prevail'
Perhaps the most memorable artwork post blast.
Congrates, Pranav.


  1. A superb work by Pranav.Congrats.

  2. salil dalal5:55:00 PM

    Very imaginative idea.
    pan bhai pranav painting pan kare chhe?
    Though I know he is a multi talented guy but this is a bigger news for me
    Keep up the good work, Pranav!