Monday, July 18, 2011

Indulal Yagnik's Autibiography in English: Much Awaited accomplishment

Indulal yagnik, a freedom-fighter, Gandhian (if Gandhi & Indulal allow that adjective), leader of Mahagujarat movement and one of the finest activist-politicians-firebrand speaker of Gujarat wrote 6 parts of autobiography in Gujarati.

The work is highly valued for detailed & intimate insight of social, public & political life of 20th century Gujarat. Starting from 'Saksharbhoomi' (Land of Literateur) Nadiad, it portrays major events like arrival of Gandhi in India & his taking over the freedom struggle, internal differences of congress leaders, his own tryst with film industry as a silent film maker, major events like Bardoli Satyagrah with socialist viewpoint etc. This list does not merit even as a highlight of the magnum opus the autobiography is.

Unfortunately and not uncommonly, like many other major works in Gujarati, Indulal's autobiography was out of print since long. Celebration of 50 years of Gujarat by government could not make this work available. It was Sanat Maheta, Indulal's perhaps only living associate & comrade (ex finance minister of Gujarat) decided to bring out Gujarati edition as a befitting tribute of the great leader.

As a pleasant coincidence, Manohar publication (Delhi) has done a commendable job (with Gujarat Vidyapeeth) by publishing English translation of Indulal's autobiography in 3 volumes. Translated by (late) Prof.Devvrat Pathak, Howard Spodek and John Wood, it is priced at Rs.2500 per set. This set of books is a must for anyone who wants to understand Guajarat of 20th century. The books should be available at major book stores, including 'Granthagar' (079-26580712) at Ahmedabad.

(Gujarati readers can have a look at another post in which inauguration function of Gujarati autobiography was covered in detail with memorable speeches of Bhagawatikumar Sharma, Sanat Mehta & Prakash N. Shah.)


  1. Anonymous12:36:00 AM

    ઉર્વિશભાઇ ,શક્ય હોય તો નેનપુર આશ્રમ નો કોઇ ફોટૉ કે વિગત મળે તો જરુરથી મુક્શો.સમય મળે તો આશ્રમ ની હાલત વિષે બ્લોગ પર પ્રકાશ પાડશો તેવી અભ્યર્થના. ફરી એક્વખત ઇન્દુચાચા ની માહીતી બદલ આભાર.

    રાજન શાહ ( વેંકુવર, કેનેડા)

  2. urvish kothari8:20:00 AM

    sure, Rajanbhai. My impression is, there's nothing much left at Nenpur, including perhaps Ashram itself. Rich library of Nenpur Ashram was brought to Mahemdavad's Arts & commerce college when Bipinbhai (Shroff) was associated with the college.

  3. Anonymous8:27:00 AM

    Thank you Urvishbhai for updating about the ashram status.It is unfortunate for us that despite of rich state and people we are unable to preserve a single landmark of this great leader.

    Rajan Shah ( Vancouver, Canada)

  4. annonymus10:56:00 PM

    During our school days we experienced police-baton during one of the procession led by Indu Chacha, some where near I.P. Mission to Bhadra Route.

    We would love to read his autobiography.