Sunday, August 01, 2010

મેનેજમેન્ટઃ પાઠ અને બોધપાઠ


  1. વાહ! બહોત ખૂબ!

    મુંબઈમાં રાણી બાગ પાસે (હવે, ભાયખલા(ઈ) રેલ્વે સ્ટેશન પાસે) ઊભો રહેતો વડાપાઉંની લારીવાળો સ્નાતક છે! એની લારીનું નામ પણ 'ગ્રેજ્યુએટ વડાપાંવ' છે!

  2. names beginning with 3 initials followed by surname like KGS NAIR or KTS PILLAI are the real proper nouns in south India, and let us hope MBA DHOSAWALA could be one such coinage and coincidence.

    but we can anyway read what we like to read and try to learn or teach a PAATH and BODHPAATH. it is a refrain of every HASYA KALAKAR that he finds 'humour' everywhere ! and this is yet another example.

    let us not loudly cheer up with vinay khatri : વાહ! બહોત ખૂબ!

    if it is a story of a real MBA, let us damn his school before we sympathize with the man who believed in the brochure that boasted of 7-digit campus placement and learnt a bitter lesson - પાઠ અને બોધપાઠ !

    urvish can help stop the mad rush to these GANDABHAI SCHOOLS OF BUSINESS MANAGEMENT by pasting his post on the hoardings outside their gates and save so many innocent lives, like the one in the photograph.

  3. Narendra5:13:00 PM

    I would not jump to such a speedy and faulty conclusion of failure of an institute. They do play their role well. What comes out has also connection with person's own capacity too!
    Plus, I dont think this man looks to have studied and failed, God know better or rather, Urvish too!