Wednesday, August 25, 2010

બારી કે ગિલોટીન?

‘બારી એ મુસાફરની મા છે’ એવું બધું લલિત નિબંધોમાં વાંચ્યું એ પહેલાં ટ્રેનમાં અપ-ડાઉનને કારણે બારીનો મહિમા સમજાઇ ગયો હતો. પણ આ ફોટાને એની સાથે કશી લેવાદેવા નથી.

અહીં દેખાતું દૃશ્ય જોઇને ફ્રેન્ચ ક્રાંતિના સમયનાં ગિલોટીનની અને ‘ખાંડણીયામાં માથાં’ની યાદ તાજી થઇ જાય.તો નવાઇ નહીં.

આ ભાઇ તો નિરાંતે ઉંઘી રહ્યા છે, પણ તેમની મુદ્રા જોતાં જાણે તેમને કોઇએ સજા કરી હોય અને સજાના ભાગરૂપે તેમણે બારી નીચે માથું મૂક્યું હોય એવો કુવિચાર આવી જાય.


  1. it's a good beginning of the day to watch this!

    let me share my experiences with those who like to enjoy ( just like the man in the visual who is oblivious of the guillotine-like window-fall) a window seat or berth in the train.

    a marwari soni woman, laden with a heavy golden necklace and spread across her temptingly revealing and heavy bosom was enjoying the breeze dozzing in the lap of her husband. my wife and i happened to share the same berth as hers on that fateful day. no sooner did i bring to my wife's notice of the double temptation, than her necklace was snatched away from outside the train which had halted for a few minutes at Nadiad station and was now moving towards Mumbai.

    another is a joke i heard in the same train after the incident: that there were two sardarjis picking up quarrel with each other on the issue of shutting out or letting in fresh air by closing and opening of the window train which had no glass at all!

  2. i'm sorry, i have committed a slip.
    you can ignore the word 'train' in the last sentence of my comment.

  3. Jabir A. Mansuri3:27:00 PM

    Evolution of new dictionary of healthy plural Society:

    India Best example of plural co-existence = khandni (container for mind boggling).

    All citizen (irrespective of professing faith, atheist, others ) = Musli.

    Raw-material (Grains) = Issues of social equality, citizenship, education, health, housing, legal, etc.

    Mind Boggling = breaking our heads in musli would evolve a dictionary of co-existence with and without difference, might lead to healthy plural society, a rare country on earth = India.

  4. urvish kothari4:36:00 PM

    dear Jabirbhai
    while I appreciate your enthusiasm, i would request you to purely enjoy/overlook few posts without making complex & at times off the mark comments. That would help us all

  5. Jabir A. Mansuri11:05:00 AM

    Dear Urvishbhai,

    Thanks for shaping, would lead to help us all.