Monday, October 05, 2009

તારક મહેતાકા ઉલ્ટા ચશ્માઃ નામમાંથી બ્રાન્ડ

એક ઉલ્ટા ચશ્મા આપો.
લાવ, એક રૂપિયો.
આ પ્રકારનો સંવાદ અમદાવાદમાં સંભળાય તો નવાઇ ન પામશો. કારણ કે તારક મહેતાકા ઉલ્ટા ચશ્માની અપરંપાર લોકપ્રિયતા પછી હવે થાય એટલું ઓછું છે.
જેમ કે, ઉપરની તસવીરોમાં દેખાય છે તેમ, તારક મહેતાકા ઉલ્ટા ચશ્મા બ્રાન્ડના મોટા મમરા- બોલ્સ- મૂકવામાં આવ્યા છે. અમદાવાદની એક કંપનીએ આ પ્રકારનાં પેકેટ બજારમાં મૂક્યાં છે અને એક દુકાનદાર મિત્રના કહેવા પ્રમાણે, આ પ્રકારનાં પેકેટ છોકરાં હોંશે હોંશે એક-એક રૂપિયામાં ખરીદે છે ને ખાય છે. પેકેટની ઉપર સિરીયલનાં પાત્રોની તસવીરો અને સિરીયલનો લોગો મૂકવામાં આવ્યા છે, જેથી ઓળખવાનું જરાય અઘરું ન પડે.
જથ્થાબંધમાં ત્રીસ રૂપિયાનાં ચાળીસ પેકેટના ભાવે વેચાતાં આ પેકેટ માટે સિરીયલના પ્રોડ્યુસર પાસેથી પરવાનગી લેવામાં આવી છે કે નહીં એ તો પ્રોડ્યુસર અસિતભાઇ જ કહી શકે.


  1. 'where angels fear to tread, fools rush in' is the english adage i murmur at this point of time, since nobody has so far dared to comment on this post.

    is it because this post really sound so trash and trivial to the visitors ?

    and do they feel the blogger is overspending his goodwill

    and consequently stealing the visitor of his precious time?

    to be fair to the blogger and the visitors, we can still find an issue to join :

    urvishbhai seems much worried about the producer asitbhai, but he is least caring of the violation of the 'intellectual property rights' of the author tarak mehta who is the original proprietor in this case.

    over to all...

    neerav patel
    oct 8, 2009

  2. Niravbhai
    1) you can have any opinion about any post as clear from the previous posts.
    2)Those who are much bothered about their precious time are requested not to visit this blog as this is MY blog and I would write whatever I wish. Yes, you can post your comments as I want to make it an open forum as far as possible, but pl. don't try to dictate me.
    3)Don't put blames rampantly. Intellectual properites rights should be with the producer as the packets shown here depitcs logo as well as faces of actors from the serial- and not from the written stuff.
    4) and lastly, don't cite your usual 'sorry, big brother, big ego' thing. Try to be fair, in stead.

  3. i wouldn't expect this kind of approach from a journalist like urvish kothari that

    'this is MY shop and and i can keep any stuff of any quality. those who do not like, please don't visit my place'

    as you do not like my habitual courtesies
    'sorry, big brother, big ego' i have to get curt and ask you:

    doesn't this logic of yours has a parallel with the vendor's who usually shout if somebody complains about the stale or useless or adulterated stuff : get out from my shop?

    you should have argued instead why your stuff is not 'trash and trivial' and who knows i might have got convinced.

    agreed, this is YOUR blog and still you do not want to remain confined to YOURSELF. and like to laugh not at YOURSELF but at OTHERS and you expect OTHERS should not disagree with your views
    and THEY must also enjoy at THEIR own cost.

    do you think only journalists or bloggers have their opinions? and the rest have to keep shut and 'GET OUT' ?

    this is no healthy blogging. those who prefer to go public through any media must inculcate habit of tolerance for dissent. rather they should encourage alternative perspectives on the issues.

    anyway, bye everybody and bye the blog.

    neerav patel
    oct 9, 2009

  4. mera vote tau Urvish ko hi !!!

  5. One wonders waht next?

  6. Anonymous4:45:00 PM

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