Saturday, January 15, 2011

United Colors of Uttarayan

ઉત્તરાયણ- વાસી ઉત્તરાયણની કેટલીક તાજી તસવીરી યાદગીરી

shachi, ishan & aastha

ફિરકી પકડાવવાની કળા

biren, binit & urvish

કુદરતી 'ઝંડો'

ચાર 'પંજા' (aastha-ishan-shachi-urvish in sleeper)

sunset without point

પતંગ ચડે કે તારામંડળ?


  1. this is quite personal and friendly but silly and funny too:

    after a long break of meeting them in person, i feel good to see binit and urvish in the photograph.

    since i haven't had any opportunity so far of meeting birenbhai, i spare him of my comment but i find urvish quite boyish in his lean frame
    betraying his mature age but binit has retained his bulky build, his bristle-like hair and South African President look.

    i was trying to match the toes in another photograph with my above observation and before i come to a final guess, i found the clue from caption. i was proved wrong to a greater extent except in one case : the footwear did tell the story and the well-pedicured 'panja' in slipper did belong to the same 'boy', more boyish or girlish than astha-ishan-shachi's.

  2. Anonymous2:21:00 PM

    sleeper sara che .. :)

    -- bharat parmar (Rajkot)

  3. Anonymous5:52:00 PM

    નવું ધાબુ, નવો કેમેરા, નવા એન્ગલો, ભાઈ વાહ