Thursday, April 01, 2010

એનઆરઆઇને ગમ્યું તે ખરૂં?

આજના ‘સંદેશ’માં પ્રગટ થયેલી ઉપરની જાહેરખબર અંગે મિત્ર વિશાલ પાટડિયાએ ઘ્યાન દોર્યું, ત્યારે પહેલો વિચાર એ આવ્યો કે ‘જાહેરખબરોમાં પણ એપ્રિલફૂલનો રિવાજ શરૂ થઇ ગયો કે શું?’

જાહેરખબરના લખાણમાં રહેલી ગંભીરતા કોઇ પણ હાસ્યલેખકની હરીફાઇ કરે એવી છે. જવાબદારીના ફોન્ટ મોટા કરીને નીચે અન્ડરલાઇન કરવાથી માંડીને ‘રસ ધરાવતા શિક્ષિત અને સારા પરિવારના લોકો’ની અપેક્ષા વાંચ્યા પછી એક જ ઉદગાર નીકળી શકે. વાઉ...વાઉ...વાઉ


  1. Vishal Shah6:30:00 PM

    Hi, Urvishbhai.
    This ad is also in Gujarat Samachar and Divya Bhaskar. Really Strange.
    Vishal Shah
    Sandesh Press

  2. ya. hadn't go thro' the papers in detail then. It was only after Vishal's call, i saw for it, in Sandesh. Anybody applying for it actually, to get 'the feel'?

  3. Anonymous2:37:00 AM

    Well, there is some use for the education!

  4. Anonymous7:38:00 PM

    Nice post! Really fun!! Not sure abt actuality?

  5. વાંચ્યા પછી એક જ ઉદગાર નીકળી શકે. વાઉ...વાઉ...વાઉ

  6. I won't be surprised at all if this weren't an April Fool advertisement. What I didn't like about the ad is the terribly low pay (25000 INR/mo = 4500 GBP/year!!!) and 3 hrs/month off?? This too for 2 people!! Shame you English Gujju people - you want to suck blood of your own people to serve foreign dog!!!

  7. I have nothing against "doggie" but what hit me as a measure of man's devaluation vis-a-vis his most loyal friend,dog.To look after ONE dog TWO,married,educated persons are wanted.That means Rs.25oo to be spenton a dog, to be earned by a couple, who will get only 3 hours' free time.
    There is nothing we can do, except to pray "Oh,my Lord,let my country awake where dogs and human beings are in their proper places.

  8. well said tusharbhai. BTW, anyone actually tried on the given mail id? any clue about the feedback?

  9. Vishal Shah7:01:00 PM

    Hi Urvishbhai. For your knowledge that ad was 'Aprilful'. The very next day the ad was published clarifing that the ad published yesterday was APRILFUL