Saturday, July 25, 2009

United Progressive Apparel

Years have passed...
The covers have changed...
But there is no sign of unveiling the statues of late Indira Gandhi & Rajiv Gandhi.
Can somebody please tell Mr. Rahul Gandhi to 'release' his kins from this insult?
If the statues are ugly (like many other statues in Ahmedabad)
Dump them & impose fine on those who approved the work.
If they're not that bad,
unveil them.
Why insult our asthetic sense ?
(The statues are placed right opposite Roopalee Cinema, near Lal Darwaja end of Nehru Bridge, Ahmedabad)


  1. rahul as we all know is against such glorification campaign - hope you remember him criticising mayavati who was trying to assert the long-denied identity to the 'dalits' by installing her own statues.

    in the circumstances rahul has no moral right to glorify his blueblood lineage and must therefore order demolition of these statues, whether they are aesthetic or ugly.

    any congressman following this blog and the comments, please convey my message to your master.

    neerav patel
    26 july, 2009

  2. Anonymous9:09:00 PM

    Mr Neerav Patel,
    The language you have used in your message should have qualified the message for deletion. It is obvious that you have a prejudice and hatred and your comment does not deserve a stronger rebuke than this.